At Real Voice LA we believe that every voice over demo reel should be unique. We work with you closely to make sure that your reel highlights all of your best attributes as a voice actor. We also take a slightly different approach by using both a voice director and a professional audio engineer to create your demo reel. Having two professionals focus on their own areas of expertise ensures great results.




  • Consultation with a Commercial Director

  • Assistance with copy selection

  • 1 on 1 coaching session w/ commercial director

  • Recording session w/ commercial director and engineer

  • Full production including editing, music and SFX and mix



+ Character



  • Consultation with an Animation Director

  • Assistance with character selection

  • Writing copy up to 10 characters

  • 1 on 1 coaching session

  • Recording session w/ Animation Director and engineer

  • Full production including editing, music, SFX and mix



+ Trailer



  • Consultation with a Promo Director

  • Copy Writing

  • Recording session w/ Promo Director and engineer

  • Full production including editing, music, SFX and mix


Additional Demo


There is no one size fits all with demos. Sometimes your producer is in another city and you need to record or direct remotely via Source Connect Now or Skype. Or you're great at recording, but not so much at mixing. Or maybe you have an old demo reel that needs some updating. Whatever it is, we can help! 



Do you have an old demo that needs a little updating? We can add new spots, add spots you've booked or reorder your current demo to get you out booking again! 


  • Assistance with selection of copy

  • Recording session w/ voice director and engineer

  • Full production including editing, music and FX

Each artists needs are different for this service. Email us to discuss a quote.



+ Mastering.


If you recorded and produced your demo on your own, but it lacks that professional polish and shine. Let us help your demo be the best that it can be. 


  • Mixing and Mastering of prerecorded tracks

• Delivery of mp3 + full res WAV file

• Streamable Soundcloud link of your demo

Video Demo.


We all know video killed the radio star, but now YouTube is ruling TV trends. In some cases it isn't enough to have an mp3 of your demo. Let us help you seal the deal with your clients with a video for your Commercial or Promo Demo.

Remote Recording

+ Directing

Source Connect • Source Connect Now • Skype • ISDN • ipDTL • Phone Patch

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