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$100 OFF UNTIL 11/26

** only available during the sale period. can not be applied retroactively. does not apply to character or promo demos

Commercial Demos
normally $1400

Here is a little about our process, in hopes to cover any questions you may have. You will work with both a director and an audio engineer to craft your demo. Your director will coach, write, and direct, while the engineer, produces, mixes and masters the demo. The first step, after paying the deposit, would be to link you and your director. They would set up a time to chat about voice types, copy selection, products for the demo, goals, etc. This can be a phone call, Zoom, or Skype. Then your director will write/ gather copy for your demo and share it with you for notes or edits. Once we’re all set with the copy, we’ll schedule a directed recording session with the 3 of us.


When it comes time to record, you have the option of coming into our studio here in Los Angeles or recording remotely from your home set-up. If you'll be recording remotely, we'll request a sample clip from your set-up to do a quality control check. We want you to sound amazing on your demo, so if we feel your home set-up won't work for this, we will provide some recommendations for equipment, and or acoustic treatment that might help, or recording studios near you that can patch into Real Voice LA. 


We also like to do a 1-on-1 coaching session close to the same week of the demo record just to iron out any direction notes, or copy edits. That way things are super comfortable and familiar on the day of the record. Once we record, your demo team will take about 4 weeks to put it all together, and that’s it. 


It’s not the quickest process, but we find that by taking our time you end up with the attention and product that you deserve. 


We ask a deposit of half up front to get the ball rolling, with the balance due on or around the record date. 

Email about a Commercial Demo

In your email, please let us know the following:

• If you have a current commercial demo that we'll be updating

• What voiceover specific classes and or coaching you have been taking

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